Bend over

He stands me up and pulls my pants and tights down to my knees and slips a finger inside my wet cunt and then uses my juices to circle my clit until my knees go weak and I bite my lip. I grab at the sides of my skirt that he’s pulled around my waist […]

Come first

I’m in the pub with a few close work mates and the topic has, as it always seems to, got on to sex. I don’t know if it’s because we are getting older or because I am a lot more comfortable talking about it than I used to be but it seems to always, always […]


My eyes flicker open, met with the soft light peeking through the gaps in the blinds. I can hear the muffled sounds of morning downstairs; the radio playing  but too quietly for me to know what song it is, someone stirring a cup of tea, the crackle of the frying pan as the smell of […]

Sinful Sunday: His shirt

When my man is away I naturally miss him. I miss my naked being against his. I miss smiling against his lips. I miss lazily nestling in closer to him and sharing his warmth. Most of all I miss the way he smells. So I will live in his shirt until he is back to me.     […]


I have never identified with the term bisexual. It has too many judgements attached to it. If you are bisexual the world thinks you are confused, a liar, a slut that will have anything with a pulse or ultimately just a greedy little whore. Unfortunately this is the term I most easily fit into these […]

Mouth watering activities

I can honestly say that the thought of being forced to my knees and having my master’s cock forced down my throat makes my mouth water. Sometimes i sit at my desk at work thinking about his hard cock and i literally cannot stop myself from salivating. Now things have not always been this way, […]