Morning sex

I wake up with a silly grin on my face, the way I normally do when he stays over and am pleased to see him smiling back at me before we share a small good morning kiss. Morning sex isn’t really our thing, there normally isn’t time, no one has brushed their teeth and everyone […]

Valentine’s Day

A lot of people dislike Valentine’s Day. They slag it off and complain that its consumer driven and about nothing more than the shops making money but I don’t agree. I think they are completely missing the point. The point of Valentine’s Day is to take a moment out of our busy and hectic lives […]

Wicked Wednesday: The interview you want to fail

PLEASE NOTE: This post will not be to everyone’s taste and contains non-consent FANTASIES. Let me clarify that rape is horrific and terrible and I in no way think or believe anyone ever deserves or in any way asks to be raped. He sat on an old bench in the park, one arm casually hanging […]

Sinful Sunday: The spider gag

I have lots of things my master can use to hurt me but my spider gag is one of the most uncomfortable things I have in the box under my bed, especially when he forces his hard cock in there. So this week I thought I’d share a picture of my begging slut of a […]

A lover and a friend

Warning: This post is full of a load of soppy crap and girly feelings!     ‘Sometimes I think we’re a little bit in love’ he texts me. ‘I agree’ I reply. I don’t want to let my soppiness ruin this surprising moment or all come flooding out at once but I’ve known for a […]

The beauty of punishment marks

I’ve been with people who worry if they leave a mark on me after sex but to me there is nothing sexier; to me it keeps that sexual encounter going until the marks have faded. I can see how some of my marks might look serious or just plainly not sexy to others but I […]