Giving you up

So @sexblogofsorts has put out a Lent themed competition, giving something up. I want to enter, of course I do, I love her blog and am a much too frequent visitor, the chance of something connected to her blog is pretty exciting. So Lent is 40 days. I spend the first 34 days desperately trying […]

Sinful Sunday: Collared

  So this week I wanted to use Sinful Sunday to show off my most prized possession, my favourite thing in that box because it means so much more than the rest. My collar is a beautiful, heavy, secure metal that makes me feel so good when I’m wearing it. When I wear my collar […]

Wicked Wednesday: Let’s try something new

‘Let’s try something new’ he says as he lays back on the bed with a mischievous grin. I stand naked at the side of the bed, excited and nervous, not sure what there is left to try. ‘Why don’t we let you take charge for a bit?’ he says. My eyes light up and my […]

Sinful Sunday: Sexy suspenders

This week I’ve been playing around with my new suspenders and enjoying how sexy they make me feel. Even when I’m wearing them in public and no one knows what’s under my dress I still feel quietly smug and a little bit wet…   See who else is being Sinful this Sunday by clicking the […]

Second best

I’ve put off sharing this post for a while now. I think that is mainly because I know I’m a good person but I’m perfectly aware I’ve done things that aren’t so good and posting them for the world to see could mean people quickly assume I’m a bad person. I’ve always had the strongest […]

Sinful Sunday: A special kind of belting

This was a special kind of belting because it was with my own funky belt of many metal holes. My master has plenty of choices of things to hit me with but sometimes, in the spur of the moment, if I need punishing, the closest thing to hand is a belt…     See who […]

Sometimes it’s good to miss him

It’s kind of nice to miss him, like properly miss him, not just ‘I haven’t been able to call him this morning’ kind of miss but full on I haven’t seen him and barely spoken to him for over a week kind of miss. For us, lately, that’s a long time and now I’m getting […]

Please, please fuck me

Okay, so I’ve sat down about six times to write this post but every time I start writing and therefore remembering this delicious encounter it’s not long before I *have* to go and wank and therefore I doubt this post is very good, it most likely doesn’t flow that well because I had to stop […]

I don’t want you to read this

So for any of you who are following me on Twitter you may notice I’ve had a bit of writers block as of late which is why there hasn’t been a post for longer than I’d have liked. Over this time I’ve sat down many times to start writing and annoyingly nothing but feelings were […]

Sinful Sunday: A thorough caning

My master gave me a very thorough, hard beating with the cane recently which left me awkwardly trying to sit on my left side for a few days and constantly checking how my bruises were developing.       Click the lips to see who else is being sinful this Sunday!