We’re laying on my bed comfortably, we’ve just finished watching a film. I’m wearing one of his baggy t-shirts and nothing else and as he rolls towards me a little he pushes one of my legs to the side and starts slowly, lightly teasing my clit. My body reacts immediately, shuddering, twitching and moaning beneath […]

Sinful Sunday: Cute bum

So my dom decided to take a sneaky picture of me this morning when he got up and told me my name is ‘cute bum’ for the day. Pretty happy little sub I must say and this cute bum has had a rather lovely Sunday! 🙂   Check out who else is being sinful this […]

Sinful Sunday: Scars and sparkles

My sinful Sunday this week I’m showing a bit of leg in my sparkled heels. I thought about photoshopping my scars out of this one but sinful Sunday for me seems to be about embracing the bits of yourself that you would normally hide or that you might want to change so I’ve kept them […]

Wicked Wednesday: Naked hide and seek

It started off on Facebook (because don’t all good things). It started off just a bored work colleague on nights wondering how I was doing. Knowing I was down, knowing I was alone. It felt nice to speak to someone different, someone interesting. Someone to lift my spirits but that’s all it was. He is […]