Sinful Sunday: Saying sorry

  Saying sorry is something I do a lot in my general life, way more than I should and I most definitely apologise for things I shouldn’t. I also say sorry too much when being submissive so this is a picture of a pretty uncomfortable little punishment my dom thought up to stop me saying […]

Sinful Sunday: Partners in piercings

I love the feel of metal. I love the taste of metal – probably one of the major reasons I got my tongue pierced. I love the feel of his piercing when it’s inside me rubbing all the right places and I love the feel of his piercing on my tongue or my fingers. I […]

‘Not until I say bitch’

He lifts the t-shirt over my head so I’m standing in front of him naked, he takes my glasses off and I brace myself for a possible slap but it doesn’t come. He pushes me against the wall for a moment and strokes and caresses me until I’m shaking slightly against him, so sensitive to […]

Sinful Sunday: A painful duo

So the prompt for this week was to try and get an image that was sexy without any body parts in and I had lots of fun taking all kinds of pictures that were sexy and provocative to me. I love the harsh spikes of my pinwheel in this picture and the fact that it’s […]