Sinful Sunday: Rice reminder

I’m at my dom’s for the weekend and foolishly I’ve broken a simple rule before I even got here. My cunt is not shaved and smooth for him and so I will be punished. He tells me to get naked and then come into the kitchen. I walk in to him pouring rice over a […]

Pinny time

The weekend consisted of wearing nothing but his dressing gown mostly but when it’s my turn to wash up after our delicious breakfast he made earlier the dressing gown gets in the way for my task. I stand naked in his kitchen but before I wash up our tea cups I think it best to […]

Sinful Sunday: Go and take off your pants

We’ve just finished our mains and we’re waiting for the waitress to clear our table and bring the temptation of the dessert menu as he leans in to me after a sip of his large glass of red. I lean in closer too and listen to his deep hushed voice give me secret orders. ‘Go […]

Sinful Sunday: A bit of nudity abroad

    A recent trip abroad I came across this lovely statue and just thought I needed a picture of that pert, stone bottom so I hope you all enjoy this little bit of Greek nudity as much as I did.     See who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking the lips […]