My handy man

There’s something about watching a man do DIY, there’s something sexy about it, something that takes me back to the basic stereotypes of men and women. Men do DIY because they’re strong and they know things about plumbing and electrics and the best way to paint a wall or how to plaster a ceiling, every […]

Sinful Sunday: Bras and bruises

      I love nice underwear, pretty bras and panties and underwear that makes me feel sexy no matter what I’m doing.  When I’m wearing nothing but my underwear and I see that look on his face it makes me gooey in all the right places. His eyes look so serious as they roam […]

Wicked Wednesday: Dreaming of submission

I’ve never thought about what I’d dream about if I had a choice about it, it’s something I’ve never even considered. It’s an exciting thought to be able to choose your dreams but overall I’m not that dissatisfied with the ones I’ve been having. Dreams have always been fascinating to me and my dreams have […]

Sinful Sunday: Stockings and instructions

We’re out for a drink and our conversation, as it always does at some point, has drifted to filth and we’re both getting a little bit warmer, a little bit wetter, a little bit more excited. The silky pants between my stocking covered legs is getting wetter and wetter as I squirm in my chair […]