Sinful Sunday: Cosy like Sunday morning

Now that autumn’s here the morning’s are definitely a lot chillier which sometimes makes it trickier for me to stay naked as long as I’d like. This Sunday morning as I tiptoe across the cold wooden flooring I see his cosy hoodie laying there on the sofa, almost teasing me. It’s too much to resist […]


I wrote this post for @sexblogofsorts sexy Lippie competition, I hope you enjoy and make sure you check out the other sexy entries!   Please be aware this post will not be to everyones liking or everyones kink and could be triggering to some people.       Her blood ran thick and hot like syrup onto pancakes […]

The joys of sucking cock

I’ve written about the joys of sucking cock before but since I just can’t get enough of it I had to write some more. As a former lesbian it shocks me that sucking cock is now my favourite sexual thing to do, I love going down on him, whether that be as a warm up […]

A partnership

So my man moved into my place last week which has meant much more control over my wanking habits but also cock there to be sucked whenever I please, or at least whenever he lets me. It means more time to be spent up on my ringbolt, it means I have more opportunities to be […]