Sinful Sunday: Please spank me

I know it’s risky but all I’ve been able to think about all day is getting a good spanking. I’m squirmy and distracted at work and the only thing on my mind is his cock and that paddle. I want to ask him to spank me but I know if I ask him he will […]

Sinful Sunday: Tenga time

One of the gifts I got my man for Christmas this year was a Tenga egg. I can’t even make up my mind which one of us has been enjoying it the most! He lays back on the bed, both of us naked, his cock already semi hard before I get my hands on it. […]

Undressing him

In most movies or erotic fiction a passionate start to sex is always portrayed with them ‘ripping’ each others clothes off and grabbing at each other frantically which don’t get me wrong, sounds lovely but in my experience things just don’t happen that way. Most of the time people will be frantically undressing themselves to […]