Wicked Wednesday: To fly

I wrote this a couple of years ago whilst on holiday and it’s not something I ever thought I’d be sharing but when Wicked Wednesday’s prompt this week was about views this was all I could imagine sharing. When I wrote this it was at what felt like a sort of turning point in my […]

Sinful Sunday: Sinful snaps

Friday nights out with my man are just about my favourite thing and I love getting myself all slutty for him so he’s especially proud to have me on his arm. I love it even more when he doesn’t know what’s under my skirt or dress and after a few drinks I sneak off to […]

Punishment come

‘Get naked.’ I do so as quick as I can, he’s got that kind of look in his eye that tells me there will be a swift slap around the face should I take too long to do anything he instructs me. I stand in front of him naked, he’s still fully clothed and he […]

Wicked Wednesday: Only me

This weeks Wicked Wednesday is about identity and that can be a bit of a sore subject for me because in lots of ways, I’m still figuring it out. Who am I? Sure, I can tell you my name, my age, where I was born, my hair colour. But none of that really describes who […]