Undressing him

In most movies or erotic fiction a passionate start to sex is always portrayed with them ‘ripping’ each others clothes off and grabbing at each other frantically which don’t get me wrong, sounds lovely but in my experience things just don’t happen that way. Most of the time people will be frantically undressing themselves to get to each other or in a dom/sub relationship I’ve found I’m often standing there waiting for his permission and his instruction to get undressed. But one of my favourite ways for us to get our clothes off is when he instructs me to undress him.

I start with undoing his belt first every time, even though I know he’s going to stop me and possibly even slap me.

“Shirt first” he tells me and I quickly start fiddling with his buttons, trying to get them undone as quick as I can and pushing it off his shoulders before going back to his belt but he of course stops me again.

“Shoes” he says and I sink to my knees to undo each shoe followed by each sock. They are both fiddly and I struggle trying to do it as quick as I can in case of a punishment. The job would probably be easier if I were more focused on what I’m doing but all I can think about is what’s in his trousers and my eyes keep glancing up at that growing bulge.

The socks and shoes are finally off and I undo that belt as quick as I can and pull his trousers down and off each leg. Finally the bit I’ve been waiting for, finally time to release that big swelling in his pants. I yank them down and there it is, his thick cock already dripping slightly at the end; it springs up into my face and now that’s all I’m fixated on as I get the pants off each of his legs. My mouth starts watering and I lick my lips as I stare hungrily at him. I wait there on my knees, silently begging to suck it, knowing there will be a swift slap and possibly worse if I suck him without permission. I look up at him with my big glassy eyes and back at his cock again and again, getting more impatient and more squirmy from knee to knee.