The box under my bed

Here are the things i currently have in the box under my bed – an ever growing collection

Not pictured are cable ties, a blindfold and lots of lube – standard stuff really.

Please feel free to comment below if you think there is anything vital i’m missing from my box or want to tell me what’s in your box 😉

Rampant Rabbit – The hands free one. Very powerful, gives me some fantastic orgasms but wouldn’t call it hands free for full effect.
My Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo set. Would never have thought to buy glass dildo’s but so glad i was convinced by the amazing reviews! Was not let down!
Wartenberg Pinwheel – a nasty little piece of equipment, especially when run over cane marks.
Body Tickler Ball Chain Whip. Smaller than you’d expect but still very painful.
Black Leather Braided Quirt Whip. My newest whip, leaves deep bruises when in the right (or maybe wrong) hands.
Cat o nine tails. Used when i’ve been very, very bad.
Arabian cock strap. Makes his cock thicker and angrier, makes it harder for him to come and therefore more powerful when he does.
A simple bamboo cane meant for use in the garden. In my opinion the most painful of my collection and for some reason my favourite.
What kind of collection would it be if i didn’t have handcuffs? Tight enough to leave a mark please.
A nice variety of chains and padlocks to restrain me anywhere in any way. I like the heavy duty feel of them and the noise they make when i struggle.
Wooden bit gag. Interestingly being gagged makes me louder. Good for biting down on.
Spreader bar. Good for making those punishments hurt even more and for giving your master a good view and easy access.
Doc Johnson Medium Black Butt Plug. More pleasurable than i ever expected and especially enjoyable to wear whilst being fucked.
Spartacus Endurance Butterfly Nipple Clamps & Chain. Powerful and painful, handy to be dragged around by.
Slave collar. By far my favourite item in the box. Stainless steel, heavy, secure locking mechanism and O ring for attaching a lead, nipple clamps or whatever the hell you like. It took me a long time to earn my collar and nothing gets me squirming more than presenting this to my master to put on me.
Extreme fantasy spider gag. A very painful challenge! This is very painful and not necessarily always in a good way. I can see this item being used mainly for punishments and hopefully after i’ve had a few drinks. The main thing to remember about this gag though is i can’t deny how wet it gets me as soon as it’s in my mouth and despite the pain i can’t leave it alone.
Super Orgasm Love Balls. I’ve used these kind of ‘Ben Wa’ balls before and not been impressed but this time i was pleasantly surprised, aroused and just plain frustrated. Great for wearing out for a meal or a drink, very enjoyable to wear in the car and gets me wet and begging to be fucked. A permanent fixture in my handbag for, you know, emergencies…
Doxy Massager. This was perhaps created by the Gods? Go read this to check out my full views on this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
Nipple sticks. I like the look of these, they are something different and fun. Can be painful when my dom hits or pulls on them but don’t compare with the pain my nipple clamps cause. Check out this Sinful Sunday post to see me wearing them.




None of these pictures are mine and have been collected from various websites.