I wrote this post for @sexblogofsorts sexy Lippie competition, I hope you enjoy and make sure you check out the other sexy entries!   Please be aware this post will not be to everyones liking or everyones kink and could be triggering to some people.       Her blood ran thick and hot like syrup onto pancakes […]

My handy man

There’s something about watching a man do DIY, there’s something sexy about it, something that takes me back to the basic stereotypes of men and women. Men do DIY because they’re strong and they know things about plumbing and electrics and the best way to paint a wall or how to plaster a ceiling, every […]

Sick in the head

One thing I like about blogging is that it brings me closer to loads of other dirty perverts like myself. So to any of you reading my filth I’d like to ask — do you have sick fantasies about people you can’t stand? People you almost hate? Am I the only one that imagines a […]


My eyes flicker open, met with the soft light peeking through the gaps in the blinds. I can hear the muffled sounds of morning downstairs; the radio playing  but too quietly for me to know what song it is, someone stirring a cup of tea, the crackle of the frying pan as the smell of […]