Crying during sex

The doxy, the ringbolt and a blindfold. Three of my favourite things, so why am I crying? Last night during some of my favourite sexual tortures with my man I started to cry; embarrassingly and uncontrollably. My man untied the doxy from my cunt, untied my wrists from the ringbolt and took off the blindfold. […]

Second best

I’ve put off sharing this post for a while now. I think that is mainly because I know I’m a good person but I’m perfectly aware I’ve done things that aren’t so good and posting them for the world to see could mean people quickly assume I’m a bad person. I’ve always had the strongest […]

The beauty of punishment marks

I’ve been with people who worry if they leave a mark on me after sex but to me there is nothing sexier; to me it keeps that sexual encounter going until the marks have faded. I can see how some of my marks might look serious or just plainly not sexy to others but I […]

A tribute to wanking

The first time I wanked I was about 11 years old and had no idea what I was doing. I remember being on my bedroom floor and using some kind of hard rounded object to rub on myself. I don’t know what happened for me to realise that touching down there felt good but once […]

The wank ban

Every now and then, if I’ve been bad or if my master has some serious plans for me in the next day or two he will put me on a wanking ban. As soon as the words come out of his mouth I want nothing more than to get my hand in my pants. I […]

No one told you life was gonna be this way

‘So no one told you life was gonna be this way.’ A quote from one of the most well known songs on the planet and the theme tune of one of the most popular shows across the world which i’m pretty confident almost everyone has seen. But this lyric (and generally the whole song) couldn’t […]

Come first

I’m in the pub with a few close work mates and the topic has, as it always seems to, got on to sex. I don’t know if it’s because we are getting older or because I am a lot more comfortable talking about it than I used to be but it seems to always, always […]


I have never identified with the term bisexual. It has too many judgements attached to it. If you are bisexual the world thinks you are confused, a liar, a slut that will have anything with a pulse or ultimately just a greedy little whore. Unfortunately this is the term I most easily fit into these […]

Mouth watering activities

I can honestly say that the thought of being forced to my knees and having my master’s cock forced down my throat makes my mouth water. Sometimes i sit at my desk at work thinking about his hard cock and i literally cannot stop myself from salivating. Now things have not always been this way, […]