Sinful Sunday: Sinful snaps

Friday nights out with my man are just about my favourite thing and I love getting myself all slutty for him so he’s especially proud to have me on his arm. I love it even more when he doesn’t know what’s under my skirt or dress and after a few drinks I sneak off to […]

Sinful Sunday: Soaked and spoilt

I’ve been away from my blog a little while now, much longer than I would have liked to be but quite honestly I’ve just been way too busy being happy! So I thought a cosy Easter Sunday might be the perfect time to get a little sinful Sunday out and reconnect with all you wonderful […]

Sinful Sunday: Please spank me

I know it’s risky but all I’ve been able to think about all day is getting a good spanking. I’m squirmy and distracted at work and the only thing on my mind is his cock and that paddle. I want to ask him to spank me but I know if I ask him he will […]

Sinful Sunday: Tenga time

One of the gifts I got my man for Christmas this year was a Tenga egg. I can’t even make up my mind which one of us has been enjoying it the most! He lays back on the bed, both of us naked, his cock already semi hard before I get my hands on it. […]

Sinful Sunday: Sir’s little helper

This Sunday I thought I’d see if I could get my man in the Christmas mood by turning myself into a slutty little elf for when he got home from work. If it gets him in the Christmassy mood or not one thing is sure – I’m bound to earn myself a little spanking 😉 […]

Sinful Sunday: Simply sexy

A fairly simple sinful Sunday from me this week but recently wearing this lipstick with my lover proved just how sexy it can really be when it was left smeared all over his cock.     Check out who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday: Cosy like Sunday morning

Now that autumn’s here the morning’s are definitely a lot chillier which sometimes makes it trickier for me to stay naked as long as I’d like. This Sunday morning as I tiptoe across the cold wooden flooring I see his cosy hoodie laying there on the sofa, almost teasing me. It’s too much to resist […]

Sinful Sunday: Bras and bruises

      I love nice underwear, pretty bras and panties and underwear that makes me feel sexy no matter what I’m doing.  When I’m wearing nothing but my underwear and I see that look on his face it makes me gooey in all the right places. His eyes look so serious as they roam […]

Sinful Sunday: Stockings and instructions

We’re out for a drink and our conversation, as it always does at some point, has drifted to filth and we’re both getting a little bit warmer, a little bit wetter, a little bit more excited. The silky pants between my stocking covered legs is getting wetter and wetter as I squirm in my chair […]

Sinful Sunday: Piss play

   Me and my man always enjoy playing little games when we’re out and about and recently we’ve enjoyed taking pictures like these for each other when we go to the toilet. I can’t quite put my finger on why but there’s something sexy about him holding his cock and relieving himself and it’s certainly […]