Still second best

So I’m writing a story and felt like posting a piece of it on here, maybe for future inspiration as I’m a bit stuck again or maybe just for something to share with you! It’s more about relationships than pure filth so if that’s not what you’re looking for right now then go check out […]

Content this Christmas

Well here it is, another Christmas Eve and despite the usual holiday stress, this year I am completely content with my Christmas. A year can make a huge difference and I thought I’d share with you all something I wrote around this time last year and something I wrote this morning. And of course, I […]

A partnership

So my man moved into my place last week which has meant much more control over my wanking habits but also cock there to be sucked whenever I please, or at least whenever he lets me. It means more time to be spent up on my ringbolt, it means I have more opportunities to be […]

Giving you up

So @sexblogofsorts has put out a Lent themed competition, giving something up. I want to enter, of course I do, I love her blog and am a much too frequent visitor, the chance of something connected to her blog is pretty exciting. So Lent is 40 days. I spend the first 34 days desperately trying […]

Sometimes it’s good to miss him

It’s kind of nice to miss him, like properly miss him, not just ‘I haven’t been able to call him this morning’ kind of miss but full on I haven’t seen him and barely spoken to him for over a week kind of miss. For us, lately, that’s a long time and now I’m getting […]

I don’t want you to read this

So for any of you who are following me on Twitter you may notice I’ve had a bit of writers block as of late which is why there hasn’t been a post for longer than I’d have liked. Over this time I’ve sat down many times to start writing and annoyingly nothing but feelings were […]

Valentine’s Day

A lot of people dislike Valentine’s Day. They slag it off and complain that its consumer driven and about nothing more than the shops making money but I don’t agree. I think they are completely missing the point. The point of Valentine’s Day is to take a moment out of our busy and hectic lives […]

A lover and a friend

Warning: This post is full of a load of soppy crap and girly feelings!     ‘Sometimes I think we’re a little bit in love’ he texts me. ‘I agree’ I reply. I don’t want to let my soppiness ruin this surprising moment or all come flooding out at once but I’ve known for a […]