Punishment come

‘Get naked.’ I do so as quick as I can, he’s got that kind of look in his eye that tells me there will be a swift slap around the face should I take too long to do anything he instructs me. I stand in front of him naked, he’s still fully clothed and he […]

Undressing him

In most movies or erotic fiction a passionate start to sex is always portrayed with them ‘ripping’ each others clothes off and grabbing at each other frantically which don’t get me wrong, sounds lovely but in my experience things just don’t happen that way. Most of the time people will be frantically undressing themselves to […]

Sinful Sunday: Sinful snacks

He calls me and gives me a list of things to get ready for when he’s home from work. A few light snacks, a few drinks and a couple of distractions to keep the evening interesting. I love a Christmas time cheese board but it’s even better when accompanied by nipple clamps and the silky […]

Lipstick, stockings and a belt

For those of you who keep an eye on my blog or Twitter account you may notice I’ve been somewhat absent for the past month or so, hopefully there shouldn’t be a gap this big again. I’ve wanted to write and had so many things in my head ready to get on paper but sometimes […]

The joys of sucking cock

I’ve written about the joys of sucking cock before but since I just can’t get enough of it I had to write some more. As a former lesbian it shocks me that sucking cock is now my favourite sexual thing to do, I love going down on him, whether that be as a warm up […]

Pinny time

The weekend consisted of wearing nothing but his dressing gown mostly but when it’s my turn to wash up after our delicious breakfast he made earlier the dressing gown gets in the way for my task. I stand naked in his kitchen but before I wash up our tea cups I think it best to […]

Gagged and whipped

He tells me to bend over the little leather cube we use to rest our feet on whilst watching tv. He tells me to put my hands behind my back and he ties them there, tight. The rope is frayed and rough and it hurts, it hurts and I like it. He takes the other […]

‘Not until I say bitch’

He lifts the t-shirt over my head so I’m standing in front of him naked, he takes my glasses off and I brace myself for a possible slap but it doesn’t come. He pushes me against the wall for a moment and strokes and caresses me until I’m shaking slightly against him, so sensitive to […]


We’re laying on my bed comfortably, we’ve just finished watching a film. I’m wearing one of his baggy t-shirts and nothing else and as he rolls towards me a little he pushes one of my legs to the side and starts slowly, lightly teasing my clit. My body reacts immediately, shuddering, twitching and moaning beneath […]

Sinful Sunday: Collared

  So this week I wanted to use Sinful Sunday to show off my most prized possession, my favourite thing in that box because it means so much more than the rest. My collar is a beautiful, heavy, secure metal that makes me feel so good when I’m wearing it. When I wear my collar […]