Wicked Wednesday: To fly

I wrote this a couple of years ago whilst on holiday and it’s not something I ever thought I’d be sharing but when Wicked Wednesday’s prompt this week was about views this was all I could imagine sharing. When I wrote this it was at what felt like a sort of turning point in my […]

Wicked Wednesday: Only me

This weeks Wicked Wednesday is about identity and that can be a bit of a sore subject for me because in lots of ways, I’m still figuring it out. Who am I? Sure, I can tell you my name, my age, where I was born, my hair colour. But none of that really describes who […]

Wicked Wednesday: Dreaming of submission

I’ve never thought about what I’d dream about if I had a choice about it, it’s something I’ve never even considered. It’s an exciting thought to be able to choose your dreams but overall I’m not that dissatisfied with the ones I’ve been having. Dreams have always been fascinating to me and my dreams have […]

Wicked Wednesday: Naked hide and seek

It started off on Facebook (because don’t all good things). It started off just a bored work colleague on nights wondering how I was doing. Knowing I was down, knowing I was alone. It felt nice to speak to someone different, someone interesting. Someone to lift my spirits but that’s all it was. He is […]

Wicked Wednesday: Let’s try something new

‘Let’s try something new’ he says as he lays back on the bed with a mischievous grin. I stand naked at the side of the bed, excited and nervous, not sure what there is left to try. ‘Why don’t we let you take charge for a bit?’ he says. My eyes light up and my […]

Wicked Wednesday: The interview you want to fail

PLEASE NOTE: This post will not be to everyone’s taste and contains non-consent FANTASIES. Let me clarify that rape is horrific and terrible and I in no way think or believe anyone ever deserves or in any way asks to be raped. He sat on an old bench in the park, one arm casually hanging […]