Punishment come

‘Get naked.’

I do so as quick as I can, he’s got that kind of look in his eye that tells me there will be a swift slap around the face should I take too long to do anything he instructs me.

I stand in front of him naked, he’s still fully clothed and he tells me to kneel. I do so looking at the bulge in his trousers but that’s not what I’m on my knees for. He turns me around so I’m facing the full length mirror and he is standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He slips his hands down over my nipples and I shiver slightly.

Now what did you do last night he asks me.

‘I wanked’ I say meekly hanging my head slightly before a big slap meets my cheek. I gasp, almost falling to the floor.

‘Did you ask me?’ he follows up with.

‘No’ I say, and there it is, another slap across the other cheek.

‘On the bed, on your back’ he tells me and I clamber up quickly.

‘Get your doxy’ he instructs and tells me to make myself come.

He stands over me fully dressed watching me, watching how I press the doxy against myself and smiling with that wicked little grin that always gets me wet. He grabs the riding crop in one hand and the quirt whip in the other and I panic, wriggling slightly on the bed but not enough to get myself punished. He strokes them both slowly, not taking his focused eyes off of me. I rub my doxy harder and faster on myself, so desperate to come, knowing the longer I take the more it’s going to hurt.

He crops one of my nipples and then the other, both met by squeaks of pain and more frantic doxying. Next the whip meets the sole of each of my feet and I yelp loudly, my toes curling in pain as I try to keep focused on coming. He smiles at my screams of pain and starts running his hands over me, pinching each nipple as his hands roam. I know if I don’t come soon the crop and whip are going to be getting a lot busier so I close my eyes and focus, trying not to think about what’s in his hands or what’s in his pants.

Finally I come and he gets his cock out of his fly and I know I need to thank him so I crawl over to get him in my mouth as quick as I can, still panting from my intense orgasm.

‘All fours’ he tells me and I instantly know whats coming.

He crops my ass as I suck his thick cock and with a crop for each word and a muffled scream for each welt he tells me

‘You.   Must.   Always.   Ask.   Me.   If.   You.   Want.   To.   Come.   You.   Little.   Slut.’







*Featured picture is not mine or of me*