Sinful Sunday: Tenga time

One of the gifts I got my man for Christmas this year was a Tenga egg.

I can’t even make up my mind which one of us has been enjoying it the most!

He lays back on the bed, both of us naked, his cock already semi hard before I get my hands on it. I settle inbetween his legs, Tenga and flavoured lube to one side. I grab his thickening cock and pull on it firmly a few times before getting my mouth over it.

Once he’s properly hard and thrusting slightly into my mouth I sit up and squeeze the lube into the egg and around the rim before slipping the silky loveliness of it over his cock and hearing that sharp intake of breath from him.

‘Mmmmmm’ I mutter to myself as I slide the toy up and down his length slowly, adjusting my grip to see how he reacts. I speed up loving how the egg makes his cock look so big and juicy through the almost transparent skin of the egg. I watch him squirm, hear him whisper ‘oh fuck’ and smile as I slow down.





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