Sinful Sunday: Please spank me

I know it’s risky but all I’ve been able to think about all day is getting a good spanking. I’m squirmy and distracted at work and the only thing on my mind is his cock and that paddle. I want to ask him to spank me but I know if I ask him he will make sure I get a good hard spanking, he’ll make sure it’s a little bit painful when I sit down.

We’re going out tonight so when I get home from work I busy myself getting ready and beneath my skirt slide some very small panties on my not so small ass and pair them with some nice hold ups. Nervously I take hold of the paddle and walk into the living room where he’s sat, with it behind my back. I stand in front of him ready to go out and present him with the paddle – silk side up.

‘Will you spank me before we go out please?’ I ask, blushing and loving that wicked grin on his face as he takes the paddle and tells me to get into the bedroom. He’s even more pleased when he lifts up my skirt and sees the unexpected saucy set up I’ve prepared for him.

He gives me 12 whacks of the paddle, all from the leather side before forcing his thick cock into my mouth until he comes. I redo my smeared lipstick and run mascara and off we go to the pub with my secretly red glowing ass.


Photo on 17-01-2016 at 17.16 #3


Please note – the scratch like marks on me in this picture are from a different night together with a bit of knife play, not from the paddle!



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