Sinful Sunday: Soaked and spoilt

I’ve been away from my blog a little while now, much longer than I would have liked to be but quite honestly I’ve just been way too busy being happy!

So I thought a cosy Easter Sunday might be the perfect time to get a little sinful Sunday out and reconnect with all you wonderful perverts that read my blog 🙂

My Easter Sunday has involved being given a basket of chocolate delights and a chocolate princess castle (because I’m his princess of course) as well as some fancy vanilla bath jelly, massage oil and peppermint foot cream! So after a hot soak in an amazing vanilla scented bubble bath I lounged around in my towel on the sofa with my wonderful man who then rubbed my feet with my new foot cream until I was relaxed beyond belief and truly felt like I was floating on a cloud.

When I finally got myself up to finish drying off he stayed seated watching my naked body as I dried my hair before telling me to go into the bedroom. I squirmed on the bed next to him as he run his hands over me, teasing me until I begged to touch his cock but he wouldn’t let me. Instead, he got between my legs and pinned my wrists by my side and used his magnificent tongue on my me until screaming and panting I came in his mouth and begged for him to fuck my soaked little cunt whilst still spasming.

IMG_8611 (1)


Hope you’re all having a super sexy and cosy weekend like me and make sure you check out who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking on the lips below!