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Please be aware this post will not be to everyones liking or everyones kink and could be triggering to some people.




Her blood ran thick and hot like syrup onto pancakes and they both watched, mesmerised. He pressed the shiny metal blade into her soft pale skin again and deep red blood started to pool at the point where it pushed into her. She took a sharp breath in as she looked down at him slowly painting that line of crimson across the inside of her thigh. It hurt but it was a good kind of hurt, almost like a release, like letting air from a balloon. He was concentrating so hard on his work, like an artist carving a sculpture; the rest of the room had just faded away, it was just him and the blade and the red that it left behind. With the blade in hand he was the one with the power yet he had never felt more cautious, more worried, of hurting her too much. He lifted the blade from her skin and looked up at her to check she was okay, to check for her approval, he would usually do this by dipping his fingers in her cunt but this time he needed to see her face, needed to read how she was feeling about this now it was actually happening. She was biting her lip in a half smile with those deep focused eyes she gets when she’s really turned on. She ran a finger along her fresh cut and brought the blood up to her lips to lick it clean before telling him to do it again. He smiled back at her relaxing a little bit.

‘You dirty bitch’ he laughed and poked her lightly with the end of the scalpel teasing her and provoking a small and playful squeal of pain. She lent back against the pillows and reached for her glass of wine to watch him cut her again. She sipped gently at her Malbec and noticed how it almost complimented that tang of blood still lingering in her mouth. She admired the deep red colour of her wine and how it matched so nicely with the blood dripping slowly down her leg.


He cut her again on the inside of the other thigh, this time with more confidence and taking more time to enjoy her reaction, watching her tense up, hearing her focused breathing and admiring her tits rising and falling as she did so. He looked up at her again as he finished the cut and this time ran his own finger over it for a taste. She felt her cunt clench as she watched his blood covered finger brushing past his lips, leaving a small droplet behind. He sucked his finger in deeply and then licked the remaining drop off of his plump lips causing her to bite her own in excitement. Her clit was aching, getting more impatient for attention and putting her glass down she sat up to kiss him deeply, still tasting her blood in his mouth. They grabbed at the back of each others necks and backs trying to pull each other closer and closer as they kept their lips locked and then he pulled away. He put the blade to her throat and testing him she pushed forward a little bit but he didn’t flinch. They smiled devilishly at each other, both unbearably horny now. He told her to lay back on the bed and she did so slowly, watching the blade closely as she lowered herself down. He used it again just above one of her nipples, spreading the blood all over it before sucking on it hard. She squirmed and moaned beneath him as she felt the rush and warmth of the blood literally being sucked out of her paired with the blood rushing to her erect nipple. Another bloody kiss from him and her hands on the back of his head were so firm she couldn’t get her lips any closer to his. She had to have him now, she needed him inside her.