Wicked Wednesday: To fly

I wrote this a couple of years ago whilst on holiday and it’s not something I ever thought I’d be sharing but when Wicked Wednesday’s prompt this week was about views this was all I could imagine sharing. When I wrote this it was at what felt like a sort of turning point in my life, without sounding too cheesy it was a time when I realised I wanted to live, not just exist.

Looking out at that view, at the endless sea, I am content. I close my eyes, breathe in slowly, fill my lungs and slowly let go of the breath again as I open my eyes and smile. There is so much space and I feel so free, so calm, so privileged to see a view like this that it almost brings tears to my eyes; never have I been so moved by a view. If this was to be the last thing I ever saw, that would be enough for me because I’ve never seen anything that has made me feel this way. There are no words that can describe the beauty, the tranquility. The sea is the bluest blue I’ve ever seen mixed with shades of the most dazzling turquoise and deep patches of navy scattered far out. The sun glistens off every small wave, every slight movement and makes it look like there is a blanket of diamonds resting atop the entire world. The sea is calm, serene, it is relaxed; as am I. There are caves and alcoves, cliffs and hills, small and tall rocks to the left and the right that have all given in to the waves over time. I am surrounded by beauty and I want to be part of it. I want to experience it all and discover new things about the world and about myself. It is like nothing I have seen before and I wonder if it is not the view that has changed but my eyes. I have seen many beautiful sights, many beautiful seas, but my personal view of the entire world has changed. I stand on my balcony on the eighth floor and for the first time in as long as I can remember I do not have the urge to jump. I don’t want this to be the last thing I see. Standing here does not make me think of dying, it makes me want to live, to experience the world as I never have before. I do not have the urge to jump; I have the urge to fly.





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